Sunday, 14 March 2010

Progress report

At the beginning of this year I set various goals.

Here is how I am doing!

I have arranged to do the 3 Peaks on June 19th in aid of the British Heart Foundation and Oasis Trust, then the Snowdon 15 on July 10th in aid of Bread Trust. I have been training on saturday mornings, with a hearty 8.5 mile walk in South Shropshire. Up the lawley, caer caradoc, hope bowdler, then back over caer caradoc and the lawley.

Once the weather improves I will be up into Snowdonia on the weekend getting some practice in, including Crib Goch (pictured)

My bible reading is going ok but I am currently lost in the wilderness of Leviticus. 70 days into the year I am on day 47 of the notes. This is not good. A forthcoming holiday will see me do battle with the history of the Jewish nation and we will see where we go from there.

My weight is static at just over 12 stone, so some work to do there, but I am hoping these mountains take their toll.

Am I being loving? I hope so. I have daily opportunities to show grace in all sorts of circumstances. I know God is doing something in my character, during what still feels like an "apprenticeship" stage of life.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Back to blogging

I lost my blogging mojo for a few weeks but I think it is on its way back.

I think I got a bit depressed reading bits of the blogosphere and will try to focus on my journey a little bit more.

Our 5 a side football has gone a bit crazy and we get 7 or 8 per team at the moment which is chaotic!

On Sunday we played 11 a side against a local college and emerged 5-2 winners.

On Tuesday I was in a discussion about "reaching the 20s-30s". I couldn't help but think of our team photo.

Let's keep being who we are and doing what we do, and reach people when who we are and what we do touches their life.