Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Time to pray

Our Church is undergoing a huge change.

God is asking us the think bigger.

With that in mind we have called a week of prayer and fasting.

At our lunchtime prayer meeting today there were 44 adults and 5 children.

I am humbled and excited about so many people caught up in the vision God is placing before us.

It does make me wonder what can be achieved in the kingdom if we do really give ourselves to prayer.

There are prayer meetings and there are prayer meetings.

This one was spiritually ablaze.

We had worship, we had spiritual songs, there was praying in tongues and in English, people had scriptures and pictures from the Holy Spirit to help us to pray.

If anything is going to happen it is down to God. So we are not going to focus on just buildings and people and practicalities, matter as they do.

We are going to pray.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Playing God

Fresh back from holiday I was asked this morning before the service if I was willing to play a part in a small drama being used by our visiting speaker.

"Yes" I replied, "as long as I don't have to play the devil"

You see a few months ago on our Freedom in Christ course I was cast in a similar talk illustration, as sin.

Talk about playing the "bad guy", I was sin itself!

So today I waited anxiously to find out which "character" I was going to have to play. I missed out on "Father God", and got a bit nervous as "man" was introduced but that part went to someone else and I ended up being Jesus!


What I did not realise, and nor did the person who got volunteers beforehand was that in the sermon illustration the three of us were stood on chairs and man crosses via Jesus to Father God.

Great illustration, clear, straightforward, the "bridge diagram" using real people. What could go wrong?

They had picked, shall we say, three "bigger" lads, quite by accident, and speaking of accidents how we avoided a major one I will never know, as we shuffled and changed places on these chairs!

A few years back I wrote the working copy of our working at height risk assessment, so I may have been Jesus but I still broke out into a cold sweat!