Saturday, 27 November 2010

Jehovah Jireh

I have a moped.

I recently borrowed my parents car while they were on holiday.

Fairplay, when I got back on my bike, it was cold and utterly miserable.

We have been saving up a small fighting fund for the future and so I started looking at Autotrader.

I was looking for cars.

A car for me.

No more arriving at work freezing cold.

No more not being able to transport anything.

I don't travel long distances, but my gosh I get cold.

I decided I needed a car. Esther agreed I needed a car.

OK: let's have a look. Like always suddenly I wanted a car £500 more than I had. It is weird how whatever the budget, you always want something a little bit more. If only, a little bit more.

Something broke. "OK then, let's sort this" I thought. Do I dare say "OK God, if you want me to have a car, give me one"

Not a harsh request, just a genuine laying out of a fleece. "If it is right, make it happen"

Within 3 days: 3 people had offered me a car, a free car. Unbelievable. Amazing. I can only take up one offer, and I jumped early on the offer of a P reg Rover 400. Can you believe that? I changed my facebook status to ask for someone to sell me a small car and in came the offers, incredible.

So here I am. An old car, 105,000 miles, it has not cost me a penny and I have a car. It will do for a few miles around the town and giving a few people lifts. But more than that, God is interested in me and literally gave me a car to help without costing me a penny.

Yet again I stand amazed.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Baptism Services

"I want to be baptised because I believe Jesus Christ is my saviour, and I want to live for him"

"...after many hours studying the bible, and plenty of soul searching, I gave myself to Christ... the cynicism and doubt has now completely gone and I am proud to call myself a Christian"

Two different people. Two different stories (and two others baptised too). What a day!

Hear the full testimony of Jodie here and Adrian here.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Introducing Barnabas

We host an introductory evening 3 times a year for new people.

These numbers may not sound a lot to you, but to us, well, it was amazing.

Over 20 guests were there, and 11 signed up for membership on the night.

Some were from Alpha. Some have grown up in the Church. Others have moved to the area.

Exciting times.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Church Together

Every 8 weeks all our midweek small groups don't meet and we have a larger meeting altogether with extended worship and intercession.

I led part of the meeting praying for a move of the Holy Spirit in our Church.

We started by praying together, calling on God.

Then we prayed for one another, with the people sitting near us, for God to move in our lives.

I looked out from the front and saw people arm in arm.

Some were lined up in rows. Others in more of a huddle. Some looking like they were about to "scrum" down.

It really was a sight to behold.

We are in this with one another, all of us, seeking God, as a Church Together.