About Me

I am a...
- Big E Evangelical
- Small c conservative
- Big C Charismatic
- Small r reformed
- and a Shrewsbury Town fan, hence I am Blue, with a hint of amber

I am married with two children and we have a cat called Bobby.

At this stage of my life I serve a fantastic Church in Shrewsbury on an eldership team with two great guys who have probably done more to shape my Christian walk than anyone else I know, apart from Jesus.

I live for the opportunity I have to serve Jesus by playing my part in building a dynamic, multi-generational, missional Church in Shrewsbury who seek to love Jesus, each other, those who don't yet know Jesus, the poor, our brothers and sisters around the world being persecuted for their faith, our family of Churches, the wider body of Christ and anyone else I may have forgotten to add.

I like playing football. I like watching football. I like playing on my Wii. I like my cat. I play Su Doku. I climb mountains. I ride a moped. I have gone prematurely grey. I jest. Lots.

If for some bizarre reason you want to know even more about me then this interview I did when I became an elder may help fill in some gaps.