Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It is off to Trent we go!

So then, tomorrow morning we embark to Nottingham for a newfrontiers gathering.

Well actually; it is a gathering of the newly recognised apostolic spheres who work together in the UK as Newfrontiers.

And also those people representing Churches who still identify with Newfrontiers as was, and are still waiting to build relationships with one of the new apostolic spheres.

So yes, it is a time of flux.  A time of transition.  A time of change.

And yet, I feel, a time to be reaching out for a greater sense of unity and togetherness than perhaps ever before.

My guess is that there will be lots of worship.  There will be lots of powerful spiritual gifts.  There will be a few introductions.  There will be some meaty teaching.  And there will be some important explanation.

And by the end I will know more than I do now about the future of our movement of Churches but I won't have every question answered.

Because we are still at the stage of working out what it means.

Ultimately I think I will be standing at the back of the meeting, baby Joy in my arms, enjoying the presence of God.  If someone asked me what Newfrontiers might look like in the future I honestly don't have a tight answer for them, but in that moment the answer will be clear, "This!"

Watch this space!