Thursday, 25 June 2009

Losing Weight

I have been on a bit of a "regime" since the start of this year.

On New year's Eve as we celebrated with friends Dom & Becca, Dom & I got onto the subject of our ever growing curvaceousness. Amongst much laughter and banter the scales came out and we wieghed ourselves.

The challenge was set: him to lose a stone and a half and me to lose a stone within twelve months.

I started off fairly well with a bit of self control to go from 13 stone 8 pounds to thirteen by April.

Then I went to visit the doctor.

He told me I needed to lose an extra stone.

So off I went: new target weight 12 stone. Deep down I think I could be 11 stone 8 but that is still a distance away.

In the last three weeks I have climbed Snowdon twice and Cadr Idris, alongside a bit more rowing and weights work at the gym, and the usual running & cross training with five a side on mondays. And I have eaten less: much less.

Well anyway: at the weigh in this morning I hit the scales at 12 stone 4 pounds and 8 ounces. I am building up to the edge of breaking "the stone and a half" barrier and have the bit between my teeth now. We have a graph on our wardrobe which charts my weight and it is looking better.

It is certainly teaching me a lot about discipline and self control.

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