Saturday, 29 August 2009

In the news (again)

A couple of weeks ago we were front page news.

A photo linked to that story was used the next week, and in the main daily paper.

This week in the letters page of the same paper there was a letter by (presumably) a local Christian under the heading "Church is working for the good of society".

It was a response to a previous letter that had evidently been bashing Christians / the Church.

He asked this question:

"How different would Shrewsbury be without the activities of Christians today? Let me cite just a few examples: Isaiah 58 and the Ark working amongst rough sleepers and the disadvantaged, the impact of Barnabas Community Church and of the Convent on the marginalised poor of the town, work carried out by all the churches in the areas of youth work, work among older people and holiday clubs, work with prisoners and their families, fair trade work."

I am really pleased to be serving the kind of church a fellow Christian can cite, publically, as an example of caring for the marginalised poor of the town. As we continue to train money advisors to help those in debt, and plan a Harvest Service for September which will be in support of our Debt Relief project called Basics Bank.

I think what touched me most was that in some small way we had been an encouragement to others within the body of Christ.

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Jongudmund said...

Definitely chalk that one up as a moment to be proud of (in the right sense of course).

On Saturday I was reading Spurgeon's exposition of Matthew 5. He notes that the reason we do our good deeds is so that others will see them and glorify God.

Good stuff.