Wednesday, 23 September 2009

and so Alpha starts...

Here we are.

After months of preparation. Lots of prayer. Large scale publicity and a lot of faith, The Alpha Course starts tonight.

There are now over 30 guests signed up.

These include:
  • several neighbours / friends / relatives who Church members have plucked up the courage to invite
  • Guests from our recent Harvest Service and Baptism Service who were invited when they came on a Sunday
  • several students from South East Asia and Africa
  • someone who responded to a card being put through their letter box
  • At least 3 people who have had absolutely no contact with our Church in Shrewsbury whatsoever in the past except through our website.
What a wonderful opportunity to explain who Jesus is to people who are interested.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for Hillary

Blue, with a hint of amber said...


Jehovah Jireh a great catering manager!