Monday, 9 November 2009

Launching Two Services

This Sunday we launched two Sunday meetings.

Instead of 10am we had 9.10 & 11.20

Instead of 300 we had two lots of 150

Instead of being cramped we had empty seats

I have to say, I cannot think it could have gone smoother on the day. A large new refreshments area has been created for people to have drinks after the first and before the second service, so everyone still gets to meet up.

Preaching twice within two hours was tough though, and definitely something I will need to get used to. The worship was good, with several contributions in both services.

Change is never easy, but the vision is to make space for people who don't yet know Jesus to come and be part of our Church family. On Saturday every guest on our Alpha away day made a commitment to Jesus, and I counted 5 at the launch of two meetings who had made that step the day before and were there for the start of a new chapter in our Church life.


dave bish said...

We're 2 months in to the same - though 9.30/11.30 - generally it seems to have been a positive move, though two 45min blocks of worship plus preaching twice is a long time on your feet!

Blue, with a hint of amber said...

Too right about all the standing up!

I was used to terraces at football matches but now we are all seater and I stand more at church!