Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Yesterday I had lunch with several Christian leaders and staff teams from across the town invited by Mission Shrewsbury.

It was great.

I got to sit by one of my favourite people in the group, a female curate from a local Anglican Church who is real quality. We had a brilliant discussion and it is really interesting how a different Church set up faces pretty well all the same issues we do. People are people, after all.

Then today I was invited to lunch by an Anglican vicar from a local Church, and we discussed a bit about local mission and got to know each other personally a bit better. It was great. it was really interesting to just chat about life a bit and find out what makes him tick.

I do wonder sometimes, whether away from all the disagreements, differing views and problems* we would do better if we just had a bit more lunch.

That is not to undermine our differences, but to secure our unity.

* I have not experienced any of those three within Mission Shrewsbury


Anonymous said...

I'm always up for more lunch!

Alegre said...

I've just come across some of your contributions on a Ship Of Fools thread I happened to dip into and thus discovered your blog. It's lovely to see a you speaking appreciatively of a woman in leadership (albeit not in a related church). I think our NF churches may be missing out on a generation of gifted women (and a generation of gifted women equally missing out on aspects of leadership development)...

Blue, with a hint of amber said...

I would like to think I speak appreciatively of lots of women serving God.

I also see many gifted women are released into leadership ministry within our Church, so I don't really feel like we are "missing" them.

Alegre said...

I suppose I may have a narrow perspective, coming from a church where the only "teaching" delivered by women I have experienced in recent years has been once from a woman kindly invited from a church in another stream once (fantastic) and some super teaching I access through literature/ "Christianity" magazine, online wanderings when I get a little spare time, on holidays... Can't help feeling there must be potential within our own church too. Women do serve and lead in many areas - children's work/ worship/ catering/ cleaning/ some small groups

Blue, with a hint of amber said...

Yep, I can understand that.

Not sure how to make this link work, but this was last Sunday