Monday, 12 July 2010

The Welsh 3000s

On Saturday I completed the task of walking all 15 3000ft peaks in Wales within 24 hours. Our final time was 19 hours, 55 minutes.

It was wet, so wet. Horizontal rain, gloomy mist, gosh it was grim.

You know what? That actually made it better! It was supposed to be a challenge right? 12300 feet of ascent, and 32 miles! I know what: let's make them soaked to the skin within half an hour and in wet boots for the full length: that will sort the men from the boys!

If you ever start a 32 mile walk and it looks like this, quit! I am the one in the green on the left.

If anyone ever offers you a trip up Crib Goch, and the weather is like this, decline! What an adventure. It is not like this sitting behind a desk checking my email.

The top of Snowdon. Visibility less than 20 feet. Winds up to 40mph and very, very wet. Lovely!

Elidir Fawr was the second big climb up onto a mountain range of the day and a dull endless trudge into the mist to reach just the 4th peak. I didn't know he was taking this photo and was alone with my thoughts so I think my facial expression says a lot. Probably "I don't want to be here, I don't want to do this"!

Summit 5, Y Garn. There are times in a man's life when you just fancy a cheesy roll. What is this? Nestling neatly in a waterproof sandwich bag? Happy days!

Tryfan is a decent slog up in the dry. In the wet, with water pouring back down over the rocks, cascading under your hands and feet as you look for your next hold is more challenging. Great fun though! Having done the Glyders I was a bit low to be honest but scrambling up Tryfan was such fun that it lifted the spirits again.

Having descended Tryfan again it was a big slog up from Llyn Ogwen to get to the top of Pen Yr Ole Wen. The 9th peak, but pretty special because we were now up on the Carneddau, and on our final mountain range.

Summit 12, Carnedd Llewellyn. Just 21m shy of the height on Snowdon, oh such a long time ago! Not that you could see much apart from the guy in front of you!

Looking tired now, as the 13th peak, Foel Grach, gets ticked off. With darkness setting in, the rain continues and the wind stirs up again, lovely.

Now we need 3 full hands to count the peaks!

Jubilation on peak 15, Foel Fras. Smiles and high fives all round, before setting off on the long (several miles still to go) descent into the darkness to find the car and some warmth.

It is not too late to sponsor us
, with all monies going to a great charity called Breadtrust doing some really, really important work in Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine.

Next up I will post what I learned about myself, about the guys I was with, and a really profound experience I had at the fifteenth peak.

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