Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sharing the love...

Late last year I did a series on what I love about other elements of the Church in the UK.

You can find the posts here:

5 things I love about Anglicans

5 things I love about Methodists

5 things I love about Spring Harvest

5 things I love about Holy Trinity Brompton

5 things I love about the Para Church

I had quite a positive response, including comments from two people involved in the running of Spring Harvest. The intention was to encourage, so I am delighted that it did. The post on methodism sparked a few Methodists to consider the same question, like Micky, Richard and Dave. Although with tongue firmly in cheek I am still waiting for Dave's "5 things I love about Newfrontiers" post!

Anyhow: time for a new series, over the next few days I will consider what I love about other parts of the UK Church scene and maybe even venture overseas. Some of it will be fairly obvious and some of it will be building a bridge of grace.


Mark Heath said...

next up should be
"5 things I love about tele-evangelists"
"5 things I love about Westboro Baptist Church"
"5 things I love about Wrexham FC"

Blue, with a hint of amber said...

The first and last would be a challenge, but the middle one is impossible! ;-)