Saturday, 27 November 2010

Jehovah Jireh

I have a moped.

I recently borrowed my parents car while they were on holiday.

Fairplay, when I got back on my bike, it was cold and utterly miserable.

We have been saving up a small fighting fund for the future and so I started looking at Autotrader.

I was looking for cars.

A car for me.

No more arriving at work freezing cold.

No more not being able to transport anything.

I don't travel long distances, but my gosh I get cold.

I decided I needed a car. Esther agreed I needed a car.

OK: let's have a look. Like always suddenly I wanted a car £500 more than I had. It is weird how whatever the budget, you always want something a little bit more. If only, a little bit more.

Something broke. "OK then, let's sort this" I thought. Do I dare say "OK God, if you want me to have a car, give me one"

Not a harsh request, just a genuine laying out of a fleece. "If it is right, make it happen"

Within 3 days: 3 people had offered me a car, a free car. Unbelievable. Amazing. I can only take up one offer, and I jumped early on the offer of a P reg Rover 400. Can you believe that? I changed my facebook status to ask for someone to sell me a small car and in came the offers, incredible.

So here I am. An old car, 105,000 miles, it has not cost me a penny and I have a car. It will do for a few miles around the town and giving a few people lifts. But more than that, God is interested in me and literally gave me a car to help without costing me a penny.

Yet again I stand amazed.

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Matt Blick said...

Awesome - God is good.