Saturday, 21 May 2011

Relaunching a Website

We have just relaunched our website.

It was quite difficult to know what to do.

Some Churches spend thousands on the latest technology. Others don't seem to have a website at all.

I looked across the board at different options and am happy with where we have ended up.
  1. The old site was looking a little tired and needed sprucing up a bit.
  2. Our providers have been excellent to work with and very cost effective considering what we get.
  3. We looked at more complex system and for us we can't really justify the cost. If this was a city based student attracting Church plant I would consider something a bit more intereactive, but we aren't. Some of our folks don't even have email and we don't want to exclude people.
  4. I think you can spend a lot on things that don't add value.
  5. What we have done is made the podcasting bit a lot more functional, made the whole thing look smarter and reads better.
  6. Almost every person who visits our Church has been on the website first. This has always been a strength of our site and something we wanted to build on
So add it all up and a new chapter opens up with our web presence. On Sunday morning a chap was baptised who responded to an Alpha flyer popped through his door.

These things make a difference!

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Andy said...

Looks great, Dave. Really like the home page. Nice work!