Friday, 18 November 2011

Not blogging as much

With a 4 month old daughter, an amazing Church and a few hobbies I have not been blogging much recently.

Which I guess the bishop of Shrewsbury would approve of?

I was at the launch of our Street Pastors initiative and the Bishop Mark Rylands made these remarks...

"More words have been used since the years 2000 than all history before. This is because of the vast overload of information, fuelled by the internet, and people churn out more and more and more.

We are too busy writing blogs and uploading things to websites that we don't have time to listen.

We have less time to actually do things.

And because of that our words have become devalued.

God sent His one and only Son to live with us. He did not send a memo!"

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Pauline said...

Ah!But people who don't know Jesus need to be told that God sent His only Son to live with us. People who read Chrtistian blogs need a "memo" about the need to go out and tell people. Oh- and encouragement- it takes courage!!! (But I'm all in favour of Daddy spending more time with his little daughter! These are precious times- as an old Mum and Grandmother, I know how time flies!)