Tuesday, 29 January 2013

High Chairs, and the road to Christian Unity

We recently changed the high chairs that we use, to stackable ones, because of reduced storage space.

So we had 13 folding ones we no longer needed.  All in reasonable, used condition.

We had thought of ebaying them, but actually, why not use our opportunity to renew stuff as an opportunity to bless others?

So I emailed a few mates and asked if they needed any?

2 are making their way to a local Anglican Church, whose toddler group I attend, and 2 to our local United Reformed Church just around the corner who have a thriving "Messy Church".

2 are off to the Baptists, the Church out of which we were planted, and three to a more rural Anglican Church several miles away who have hosted many of our Alpha Course away days in their lovely facilities.

2 are off to members of our local Newfrontiers Church here in Shrewsbury, and 2 are going to members of our congregation who responded to an offer on our Church facebook page.

So there we have it.

High chairs.

A blessing shared.

Several different Churches.

Many friends.

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