Thursday, 11 September 2008

Dear Blue Peter...

A friend emailed me the other day, asking if my middle initial was "E".

It is.

In the Sunday Express this week there was an article about a recently published booked called "Dear Blue Peter" about all the letters and pictures sent to Blue Peter over the years.

One morning, aged about 5 and off school ill, I had written to Blue Peter. I expressed sadness Jack the cat had died and asked for a new cat. They shortly brought in Willow as a replacement. I then did a picture of George the Tortoise waking up from his long hibernation.

A few weeks later my friend Ben called to tell me my letter had been read out on Blue Peter. I had missed it! I was gutted! I did get a Blue Peter badge though - a great source of pride for a child of the eighties.

So on we roll, I missed it, I never saw it, and I rarely think of it except in icebreakers when people want to know something interesting about me.

But then, on Sunday, the bottom corner of the page, David E Matthias, with his picture of George the tortoise in the Sunday Express! I assume that the photo is actually in the book itself, so will be buying a copy.

In the mean time, I looked up the book, and found my picture is even on the BBC website here!

So there you go, I sent that picture in 23 years ago and thought I had missed the five minutes of fame it had brought me, but it looks like it will be preserved forever in a new book.

I wonder if there is any way of finding that episode of Blue Peter?


Peter Kirk said...

To Blue from Peter (!),

I have contacts who might be able to get hold of that episode for you, if they still have the tapes. Who knows, they might even get you back on the programme!

Blue, with a hint of amber said...

That would be just brilliant!

I did try an email about 5 years back but didn't hear anything.

Ferg said...

That's so cool, what a way to make your day!!