Monday, 22 September 2008

Goals, goals, goals...

Last Saturday, I went to watch Shrewsbury Town play Gillingham.

The game finished a whopping 7-0 to Shrewsbury.

Yesterday I went to watch Manchester City play Portsmouth.

The game finished a whopping 6-0 to Manchester City.

Two games, two thrashings, 13 goals in 8 days.

How is your team doing? Are they struggling for goals? If so, my services as a "Freescoring talisman" can be hired for the price of a free ticket, a pie and a bus fare home.

Or is there a team you dislike and want to scupper their chances? In which case send me to the home end of their next opponents and I will sort out a good thrashing for them.

I cannot quite believe it. I had a week's holiday in between, and need another week now just to recover from the shock of yesterday!

Robinho, Wright Philips and Jo as a front three - that is something like £60 million spent on just 3 footballers this summer.

It is a bit like setting up a conference with Driscoll, Hybels and Keller headlining it. Portsmouth didn't have a chance.

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