Thursday, 18 December 2008

Broken Into (again)

A couple of week ago our building was broken into. A bit of cash was taken and lots of damage done to internal doors.

Well last night they went a stage further. Having gained entry by putting a massive hole in a plate glass patio door, they then bashed holes in another two doors trying to access offices.

Each time it costs us hundreds to repair the damage - I sometimes wonder if it is worth putting our safes on the outside! It could work out cheaper.

Well anyhow - our area of town has been targeted a lot recently and the police knew the intruder tends to go back to recent places fairly quickly so there was a police lady walking past on duty (at about 2am). She heard the banging from the Centre, called for back up, and they busted into our building and arrested the two intruders on the spot.

After we were broken into last time I prayed "Lord, let them be caught, bring us justice"

I was not expecting it to be in our property though!

It is always weird sitting at my desk knowing someone had broken in the night before and been through everything. Mind you, the resale value of a couple of alpha talks on a messy desk means I never get anything nicked. The nature of the work here, debt relief, addiction support, means we are a soft target as lots of people with a criminal past know all about us.

The good news is that by 11am I was too poorly to stay at my desk and feel sad about it, so I am now at home with the usual "Man Flu survival pack": Berry smoothie, jelly babies, pomme bears and paracetemol. I'm off to bed.

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Jongudmund said...

I once prayed that God would smite down my obnoxious neighbour who kept verbally abusing me abotu car parking. A couple of days later I saw him walking down the street with the biggest black eye I've ever seen in my life. A proper shiner.

I felt slightly bad about that. Maybe I should have prayed for God to bless him instead (that's what I do now when people rub me the wrong way!)

But, still, good news about the answered prayers!

Get well soon.