Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Dudley Outpouring

Quoting from the Revival Fires website here it says:

"Having had 28 weeks of extended meetings of the Dudley Outpouring, which has had major impact on the church in UK and Europe, it has been wonderful to see what God has done, but we need to take a view on what’s next."

That statement really stuck out for me.

Three questions for those who read this blog.

1) Has it had an impact on you or your Church?

2) Was that impact good, bad or indifferent?

3) Is there an increased faith and expectancy for healing linked to what happened in Dudley?

I am looking for comments to provide an open, positive and honest sharing of testimony and critique of what has happened this year.


ianjmatt said...

Have to be honest - Dudley has had absolutely no impact on our church, even though, like you Dave, we are only 30 miles away and would describe ourselves as Charismatic.

There was some anticipation of a wider move, but this really only lasted a few weeks and was a minority thing really.

Life goes on, doing the will of God as best we can. Sometimes the 'plod of God' gets more done than dramatic experiences in the long run.

Phil said...

I would also say it has no impact on our church. Most people weren't even really aware it was going on and I'm glad about that, because 6 months to me is more 'fad' than movement.

Tim Simmonds said...

I go to a church in Birmingham and I only heard about the dudley thing when a non christian mate sent me a video on youtube.

Peter Kirk said...

David, surely what Trevor Baker means by this comment is not that every local church in the UK and Europe has been affected, but that large numbers have been. And they have, because large numbers of people, including myself, representing many different churches, have attended meetings at Dudley. I would not say that Dudley had a major impact on my church, because I think I, a lay member, was the only one to visit Dudley. But it certainly had a significant and positive effect on me. So why can't you allow Trevor a little bit of exaggeration. After all, he hasn't got into the kind of hype that Todd Bentley has been accused of, apparently without being guilty, of claiming end time significance for his ministry.

PamBG said...

We're 8 miles from Dudley. I'd heard of it and I know of one Anglican church (not in Kidderminster) that took a number of people to Dudley. No one in my Methodist-Anglican-URC-Baptist circle in Kidderminster has mentioned it. Thank goodness. To be honest, I dreaded the possibility that it would catch on and people would be hurt by what seems to be the inevitable outcome of a lot of these 'signs and wonders ministries: If you weren't healed / If you don't believe in miraculous healings on demand, you're not a real, Spirit-filled Christian.

Blue, with a hint of amber said...

So why can't you allow Trevor a little bit of exaggeration.

Where have I said it is an exaggeration?

I asked a question. It surprised me a bit, so I openly asked others what they thought.

I went to a meeting at Dudley as well. So did perhaps 30 different people from my Church. I chose not to give an opinion but to ask a question to gauge other people's opinion.

dave bish said...

The claim of "major" is problematic... I'd imagine it really genuinely has made no impact on the vast bulk of UK and European churches who have simply got on with God has called them to do, oblivious of these meetings or the existence of Todd Bentley. I'd love to see evidence to say I'm wrong about that so that we can praise God and rejoice.

PamBG said...

I'd love to see evidence to say I'm wrong about that so that we can praise God and rejoice.

We can still praise God and rejoice every day. There are lots of little miracles everywhere if we just have eyes to see them. (And, no, I'm not using either hyperbole or metaphor.) Maybe this is what we need to learn.