Tuesday, 10 February 2009

What questions do non-christians ask?

In your experience, what are the most common questions a non-christian has as they seek to find out more about faith?

What are the common objections?

Things like:

"Why does God allow suffering?", "Why are there so many religions?", "Why does religion cause so many wars?".

I need some inspiration for a new project I am working on.

What are the most common questions / objections you hear?


Jongudmund said...

Wasn't the Bible all just made up hundreds of years later?
Why are Christians so irritating?
Why are Christians such hypocrites?
Why does God hate gays?
Doesn't our understanding of the vastness of the cosmos and the evolution of life on earth render the idea of a creator somewhat irrelevant?
Why are Christians obsessed with sex? Or think sex is sin?
Why should I give up everything that's fun in my life (like getting drunk, smoking, porn, drugs, sex, heavy metal) just because God says so?
If God loves human beings so much why does he send so many to eternal hell for not loving him back?
If Jesus could have avoided the cross, but deliberately chose it, does that mean he committed suicide?
Why is God sexist?

Just a few for you to get your teeth into.

Brian Johnson said...

You might be interested in the FAQ I have on my website for new Christians, dealing with topics people ask about: