Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Stop the Traffik is an excellent organisation.

Oasis Trust do a great work in this area.

Steve Chalke has written an excellent book on this subject.

A young lady from our Church recently spent 4 months working with Oasis in India.

On Saturday night we had an Indian evening. I was in charge of the kitchen. We fed over 100 people, raised over £1000 for the Stop the Traffik campaign, and the presentation about her time in India was simply outstanding.

Two local curry houses helped sponsor the event, and the Church provided the rest of the food.

It was a great social event: people sat by new people and met people they did not know from Church

It was a great community event: There were lots of guests there. Work friends, college friends.

It was a great "kingdom" event: Promoting a real issue which matters to God.

A fun, informal, evening with a stark, serious, informative and challenging message. By 10.30pm I was pretty tired but thrilled with what it means to be part of this Church community.

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