Friday, 9 April 2010

Easter Services

This Easter weekend was absolutely brilliant for our Church in Shrewsbury.

Firstly, there were a significant number of us who joined lots of other local Churches on a Good Friday walk of witness in the town centre.

Secondly, our Good Friday service was a poignant and moving service, with a record 130 people there.

Thirdly, Easter Saturday saw a couple from the Church get married here, which I had the priviledge of officiating. It was a serious and yet fun, deep yet informal occasion, with loads of friends and family enjoying the day.

Fourthly our Easter Sunday services again set a record, with 356 attending, and a great preach about the historical validity of the resurrection.

Only Easter Monday spoilt it for me, as Shrewsbury Town succumbed to their 6th straight defeat at home to Notts County. That was followed by dinner with some good friends and then someone else's birthday drinks, so all was not lost.

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