Saturday, 17 April 2010

Who to vote for

I find it amazing how much the American Church scene appears so politicised whereas in the UK you barely know how anyone votes.

There are Christian representatives in all the major parties and it certainly does not feel like any party has either the "Christian" vote, nor even any "denominational" vote.

Nor is gun control on the agenda.

Even on the so called "moral issues" I get a bit fed up because although I agree embryology and abortion are moral issues I don't feel that trade justice is any less of one. Kids in Africa die of starvation because of trade policies. Policies we know have that effect and yet keep because we profit. Is that not bordering on institutional infanticide? It is willing, knowing, and causes death. How is that any less moral?

I am actually pleased that there is not the same herd effect in the UK, as undoubtedly I would feel disenfranchised by it. Questions like "How can you be a Christian and support party X" wind me up, with the exception of the one whose leader lives near Welshpool of course.

But anyway, how shall I vote? Well, Andy put me onto a useful tool where you can vote for policies.

I was hoping for some deep yearning for a genuine sense of political affiliation to finally be fulfilled. I was wrong.

My policies worked out a baffling 22.2% Labour, 22.2% Liberal Democrat, 22.2% Conservative, 22.2% UK Independence party and 11.2% Green.

I guess that makes me well balanced, and definitely a "floating voter", even though I have only ever voted for one party.

On April 29th there are some hustings at a local church which I want to go to, and I think that will help.

What are you doing to prepare to exercise your democratic freedom? Or maybe even your democratic duty?

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