Sunday, 16 January 2011


I have developed the art of writing the CV.

I have not applied for a job in over 10 years.

I did the graduate milk round job aplications and was quite successful at the time, even though the good Lord had other ideas and I never took up a job.

But now, increasingly, I am being asked by young men to help with their CVs. It started with me seeing they were struggling to get a job and offering to help. Now apparently I have gained something of a reputation of being able to make a CV look and sound quite good while maintaining its truthfulness.

To the point that other people from the same work as one person who I helped now want me to help them. Someone's brother is interested.

The base level pastoral care for those guys is to encourage and help them get a job. If that means being alongside them helping their CV to stand out then frankly, I can't think of a much more important level of pastoral support.

Would Jesus have helped write CVs? I think so.


Pauline said...

Absolutely! Jesus was definitely in the business of giving people a chance to shine and bringing out their good qualities.
Jesus C.V. for Peter would have indicated that Peter would be the "rock" on which he would build his church.
Jesus also stuck to his original view of people even they'd messed up like Peter did!
But of course, we have not got Jesus' depth of vision. No doubt, though, you do pray over these C.Vs.
This is encouragement in action. Our local Pentecostal Church is very active in helping young people to get jobs. It is reaching out to people in the community and answering a real need in our society.
Thanks for that because I will mention helping people to get work when we have our monthly prayers for our church when we discuss what God wants us to do!

Jongudmund said...

I've helped a lot of people write CVs. It's a very practical way of helping people.

It's also a good way of encouraging people because you can take what they have done and make it sound good, and that makes them feel better about themselves.