Sunday, 30 January 2011

Embarrassing Stories from an Elder, Number 1

Let's remember, don't take yourself too seriously, and we prophecy in part.

The pinnacle of my series, which still makes me almost uncontrollable with laughter when I retell the story came at an evening meeting a few years back.

A colleague of mine started to prophecy over a very senior female member of our staff team.

With a raised voice, he proclaimed loudly.

"I believe God wants you to be, A HOOKER FOR HIM!"

Stunned silence.

With his eyes closed, oblivious to the giggles which had overcome the entire congregation, He continued...

"because in the game of Rugby, the hooker is the one in the centre of the scrum, who holds people together, and who..."

for me the rest of the prophecy is lost in the mists of time.

I just remember the sheer hilarity of the situation.

An absolute pearler, but those seconds,

the silence,

the tension in the air,

who would break first?

You saw people's faces twitch, the first giggle, and then roars of laughter.

An unbelievably funny choice of wording, and my all time favourite.

My prayer for the day?

"Lord, help me, keep me, and protect me from taking number one slot in this series.



Jongudmund said...

I guess the "inappropriate" 10 commandments joke in Abundant Life was before you became an elder...

But that was fuuuunnyyyyy.

Pauline said...

Really enjoyed the top three embarrassing comments!! For some reason I really laughed out at number 3! Maybe it's because,in my role on the rota to lead prayers I've also been the recepient of little last-minute notes to include people whose names are hard to decipher!!! It could so easily have happened to me!But- I do believe God has a sense of humour, because he gave us laughter!!! Do re-visit this topic, Dave. It made my day!!

Andy said...

Yeah, I really enjoyed the mini-series too! Don't think I'd heard the last one before either.