Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Defining your Church

It can sometimes be difficult to define your Church.

People use all sorts of long words and definitions to make sure you know exactly what they are and probably make it abundantly clear what they are not.

We had a brilliant Fun Day yesterday.

There were over 200 guests, with 79 little faces painted and a brilliant local community event.

But one little moment really struck me.

A lady was taking her son to help themselves to the free refreshments.

"You come around here" she told the nervous child "and help yourself to a drink".

and then the line that really won it for me

"It is just like the baptist Church, but without the biscuits"

Next time someone asks me what kind of Church I go to, I am very tempted to reply "We're a bit like the Baptist Church, but without the biscuits"

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