Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Evangelists Summit 2011: Dave Smith, Peterborough

Dave Smith has built an outstanding church in Peterborough.

This is not some distant American mega-church pastor in a distant city.

He is one of ours.

In a provincial city.

Gathering 1600 on Sundays, in a massive multi-purpose building with a vision to reach many, many more people.

They baptised 160 new believers last year alone.

"God has a greater passion for our mission than we do" opened up proceedings, and then 10 principles from Acts 1-2.
  1. Harvest Vision (Acts 1:8b)
  2. Love for the City (Acts 1:8b)
  3. Passion for His Presence (Acts 2:42)
  4. Stable & Changing Leadership (Acts 1:24-26)
  5. Power for Purpose (Acts 1:8a, 2:4a)
  6. Preaching for Life Change (Peter's Pentecost preach!)
  7. Biblical Discipleship (Acts 2:42a)
  8. Relational Unity (Acts 2:44)
  9. Financial Generosity (Acts 2:45)
  10. Large Celebrations / Mid sized communities / small groups (Temple courts, homes etc)
Right the way through question after question flowed. Practical insights. Good ideas. Bits of wisdom and experience, all gently expressed within humility, humour and a genuine sense of being a good bloke.

And then he prayed.

As he prayed the mood changed.

Rather than the relaxed, down to earth guy who had been speaking to us, you saw a warrior, and maybe in those few brief moments I learned the most.

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Kate said...

I love this post - it is poetry and beautiful. I also love what it says about the man who leads my friend's church and a church which has recently expanded to bless our city.