Wednesday, 20 March 2013

"Newfrontiers" now

Our Church website is about to be updated.

Where we were "part of Newfrontiers, member of the Evangelical Alliance and a charitable company number..."

We are now "A ChristCentral Church, part of Newfrontiers, members of the Evangelical Alliance and a charitable company..."

Imagine a father had several sons.  Those sons went on to have families of their own.  Each new family has its own identity, but they still bear the family name.  A new identity and a historic loyalty.  Both exist.

I have my own family, and I still bear my Father's name.  My family is my family, but we are all "Matthias".

So the new movements which have been released out of newfrontiers still bear the name "Newfrontiers" alongside their new identity.

In the UK the scene is still very organic, but we see (In no particular order):

ChristCentral led by Jeremy Simpkins

New Ground led by Dave Holden

Catalyst led by Dave Devenish

Relational Mission led by Mike Betts

Commission led by Guy Miller

Regions Beyond led by Steve Oliver

When I say "led by" and then a single name this is in fact a misrepresentation because each situation described is a strong team representing several different Churches and bringing different gifts.  So the ChristCentral team Jeremy leads includes Church leaders of significant stature in their own right from Leeds, Cockermouth, Huddersfield and Derby who bring different gifts to the table and provide accountability for Jeremy.

What has been fascinating to watch has been the way this has been led by relationships, rather than geography.

So for example churches in the UK with long standing friendship with Steve Oliver in Dubai relate to him.  And then all these groups already extend into other nations.  ChristCentral is working in Canada, Relational Mission into Scandinavia, Regions Beyond is someone from Dubai working into the UK.  Towns / cities next to each other in the UK may find themselves working in completely different networks, while also loving one another locally.

So we planted a Church in North Shrewsbury.  The leader went to plant a Church in Stockholm.  We now find ourselves working within different networks - ChristCentral and Relational Mission.  Next month he is coming to us to preach.  In the Lord he is my brother, and in Church terms he is probably now my cousin.  Not that I am too bothered by any of that because ultimately he is our friend.

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