Thursday, 21 March 2013

There is another skywalker

There is some amazing news in the Matthias household.

The kind of mind blowingly, amazingly large news which makes me really happy.

It has not all been plain sailing

And reading back that post I realised I used the "Not all plain sailing" line before.  Well it wasn't!

And this bit sounds daft, but I am actually really blessed by 227 "likes" on facebook for that photo.


Pauline said...

I think the 227 "likes" on Facebook (one of which was from the Griffiths household of course!)speak for themselves, Dave. Sometimes, too, I believe that it touches peoples' hearts when you share the reality of your family life, the happiness and the hard times, the hard path of hanging on in difficult times, and the blessings.
This kind of sharing is often more effective and moving than any sermon, however good that may be!
Your reminder that it was "it all plain sailing" is a good thing.
We were able to take that journey with you and Esther, and pray for you, learn from it- and realise that Christians are not immune from the difficult times in life, but that the blessings are worth the times of hanging through the storms! Thank you for sharing and I'll end with another reminder of the 227 likes as, you must also imagine the smiles, the looks of pure joy that adrned the faces of all who clicked on the "like" button!!!

Pauline said...

Sorry for the typos! It should of course read,'Your reminder that "It was not all plain sailing!" Also, "adorned" should have an o in it! Perhaps MY comment is a reminder that like Christians like me are certainly not perfect- just forgiven! Like all your followers on this blog, and friends on facebook, I eagerly await the arrival of Matthias 2- a little brother or sister for your delightful little Joy!