Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Another year, Another outpouring...

I have been hearing a few things about Victory Church in Cwmbran over the years.

Their Pastor Richard Taylor came to do an outreach event for us, and so I was able to meet him personally.

He seemed like a genuine bloke - he is obviously quite a strong character, but I trusted him.  I think he is straight.

He used to be part of Renewal Centre in Solihull.  He places a high priority on the preaching of the word.  He says the right things about it being about Jesus not people.

What I find quite interesting was that he was one of the most outspoken critics of the "Lakeland Outpouring", of Todd Bentley and of what was happening in Dudley.  He took to youtube to publically lambast what was happening and call people to not get caught up in the daftness.  With hindsight, he was right in many ways.

News of "another" outpouring no longer excites me, but rather makes me feel a little twitchy.  "Here we go again" is in the back of my mind, and yet the fact he is in the middle of it makes me particularly interested.  Not because of anything special about him,  but because I think he calls a spade a spade and the fact it is in his Church, given his previous views on similar claims by others, well it is just too intruiging to let go.

The week after next I will be fairly close to Cwmbran and so am thinking of swinging by and taking a look.  If God is at work I am up for seeing what is happening.  I don't want the excess or the nonsense of the past rob me of the blessing of the day.

So I go there very alert, yet to be convinced, and hopeful of being blessed.

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