Tuesday, 29 July 2008

A Christian Sex Shop...

There are no links from this site as the site in question can cause a bit of confusion for internet logging programmes and blockers, so I wouldn't want people clicking through by accident. Find it on google.

I realise that this story has been doing the rounds for a while now but there really is a Christian online sex shop that has been started with the aim of helping christian couples engage in a full and happy sexual relationship with christian marriage.

Well, I got an email today from a TV company who want some members of my Church to be part of a documentary on this phenomenon, meet the founders and have what can only be described as what looks like a christian themed Ann Summers party.

One of the owners explained on the site, called Wholly Love (good pun there), "“Our sex life had fizzled out to once a month,” admits Stella. But what they found in the sex shop was a little too hardcore for their tastes. “We wanted some light-hearted toys, but all I could see was whips and chains,” Stella says. “We asked ourselves: ‘Where do people like us go for frivolous fun?”"

Where does a statement like "a little too hardcore" leave us? There looks to be a lot of positive statements on the site. The value of mutual respect and sharing of experiences. The fact sex should happen within the covenant of marriage etc.

But even so - where do you take something like this? How can I consider which people would be suitable to invite? Where do you start with valuable members of your Church?

"Hi Wilfred, I thought you and Justine might want to spice things up a bit, and be open about any potential issues you have in front of some of your close friends and millions of TV viewers."

How do you put that on the Church notice sheet? "WANTED: Married couples willing to go on TV to talk about their sex lives. Please call the church office if you can help."

It is just so "out there" that I don't even have a category to place it. I think a "Thanks, but no thanks" is the right way forward.

I have had adverts and marketing calls from all sorts, including christian web design, christian ink cartridges, christian cars, christian flyers, christian PA systems, christian legal services, christian banking and others, some of them have been really useful, others not so useful - but was never expecting the christian sex shop.

What next? The christian divorce lawyers "Helping you fulfill 1 Corinthians 7". The mind boggles.


Jongudmund said...

In my "day job" when I worked on the media desk we would have tons of stupid requests from TV companies wanting 'Christian families' to take part. All they're looking for is freaks they can poke fun at.

The Christian sex shop made the headlines a couple of years ago. We got plenty of calls from papers wanting a "comment" on it. I cannot even begin to describe how obvious it was that the reporters were just looking for some disapproving Christians to huff about how disgusting it was and how sex was sinful and depraved.

If anyone goes on TV as "Bob the Christian" they will become the stereotype the editor wants to portray. That's the way TV works.

Dave Carrol said...

I'd be in.

It's frankly very cool that this is beginning to be a story in the secular media since statistically Christian have more satisfying sex.