Friday, 18 July 2008

In a nutshell

The "Mark Driscoll effect" seems to be rippling away through the bloggosphere - but what did he actually say?

John Lanferman successfully sumarises the key points:

Here, here and here

As with all things the fruit of it will be the key judge of how important Driscoll's challenges were, but even so, reading this like this, and this give much hope.

I wouldn't have said everything the way he did and I don't agree with everything he said to the last word - but he said enough that was 100% spot on and was bold enough to stand up in front of 4,500 people and say some of the things they didn't have the courage to say about the future of the movement. For that alone he deserves credit beyond any speaker I have ever heard. He didn't speak to us for his own fame or for his own popularity with us - he came to speak the word of God how he sees it and shake us out of any apathy or feeling we have "made it". Oh for more conference preachers like that!

In human terms you could think Terry Virgo had the most to "lose" from his message for the future, so it is interesting to read this endorsement.

It also seems that some criticism from people not at the conference has started as well, primarily about the issue of the complimentarian view of church leadership put forward by Mark Driscoll. The irony is that is exactly what he said would happen, so in criticising him, those who oppose his view are actually proving one of his points true.

The DVDs are still sitting idly in a bag in my office, I don't dare open them for fear of distraction. I am speaking twice on Sunday and playing at the National Christian Football Festival on Saturday so have a full weekend. I found the Mars Hill Church, Seattle website and see they do complete sermon files for download. Their doctrine series looks interesting... Anyone got a spare couple of days they could lend me?!! 200MB downloads - glad the church network is unlimited!

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