Sunday, 20 July 2008

Running on empty...

I am tired.

Yesterday I was up in Manchester with a squad for the National Christian Football Festival - where we finished 9th out of 20 teams at our level.

Rather than stay overnight and play the games today I had to head back because I was preaching this morning on "The Parable of the Sower" as we continue a series through Mark.

One thing I am really going to need to learn is structuring my time properly. This week I had a Cell Leader's meeting on monday evening, Church Together (where all cells meet for an evening of worship and prayer) on Tuesday evening, spoke at Alpha on wednesday evening, went to visit my Grandad in hospital on Thursday evening then off to Manchester on Saturday. I have some time off next week to chill out which is great, but this morning was pretty tough. I have a cell section workshop tonight too - but have had a good sleep this afternoon!

This morning my legs hurt from physical exersion, my face hurt from sunburn, and my head hurt from a general tiredness. I put the finishing touches to my talk this morning and just went for it. Most of my material had been prepared last week while away at Brighton and the parable speaks for itself.

It was a humbling experience - really having to "let go" of the reins of the presentation and just allow God to speak through His word. The response was positive indeed - lots of challenge and provocation to both sow the word of God with our lives and not allow our own fruitfulness to be choked. Many people commented positively. The file will be up here sometime soon. If anyone wants to listen to it and give me feedback I would really appreciate it.

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