Monday, 12 January 2009

Shrewsbury Baptist Church

We have a new baptist church here in Shrewsbury, called, unsurprisingly, Shrewsbury Baptist Church!

It was formed by an amalgamation of two baptist Churches to make use of the facilities of one of the Churches with the vision to reach both areas served previously by the congregations.

The Mission Shrewsbury united service last night was a celebration of the formation of this new Church, with much prayer for the new initiative.

It was also interesting that Martin, our lead elder was invited to preach. He spoke on the hallmarks of the Church at Antioch. I have heard versions of that talk many times and each time it grips me, and in this case it was so, so relevant for the situation.

Claremont Baptist Church planted Crowmoor Baptist Church. Barnabas (my church) started when Crowmoor outgrew its building at the time and a new congregation was formed (which did not join the baptist union, although twelve years later we joined newfrontiers).

Last night, the lead elder of the grandaughter church spoke at the joining celebration of the grandmother and mother church. I sat near Phil Whittall from North Shrewsbury Community Church. They are our daughter church - making that four generations of churches in one room!

In 1620 a group of baptist Christians started meeting in Shrewsbury. It is a rich heritage we are part of, and was a delightful display of unity with leaders and members of local churches standing together with a vision to reach of town with the gospel.

AND there was cake!

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