Monday, 5 January 2009

Welcome to Shrewsbury!

I sat down at my desk this morning to begin 2009 in earnest.

Then a visitor arrived who will be the new minister at our local apostolic church, called Wellspring Christian Centre. He informs me it currently has a congregation of around 30-40 people, and they meet in their own building about 300m up the road from here.

In our small area of Shrewsbury we have methodist, anglican, URC and apostolic churches. It was nice that he just popped in to see who was around and meet us. We had a coffee, shared a few ideas and stories, and then he left. He seems very passionate about the church becoming more outward looking.

I am looking forward to him leading another local church in this area that we can work with for the sake of the gospel, where people are saved and added to the body of christ and the community is served with love and compassion.

One interesting point was that at the apostolic world conference he had attended Terry Virgo was the guest speaker and he spoke very highly of him.

Welcome to Shrewsbury Marcus.

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