Thursday, 30 April 2009

How close is close?

Phil Whittall, AKA the Simple Pastor, lives about 100 metres from my house.

Recently we had a brilliant weekend at the Newfrontiers younger leaders conference, catching up with him and Emma, and their son Noah. It was great.

It was then we realised just how long it was since we had last seen them properly: something like 5 months. 5 months = approx 150 days. That is about 67cm per day! I should be able to make it further than that!

He is in a different church (whatever that means!), and we are both very busy people in different ways, but even so? Those are excuses not reasons. I live just 100m away and I read his blog more than I see him, and I dare to call him a friend?

As I think about community, society, communications, social networking, it makes me wonder have I lost something? I will know what I have learned by how big Noah is the next time I see him. Hopefully it won't be long, and there won't be a Christmas Tree up either.


Gary said...

I agree! I had a friend over for dinner last week, and we tried to remember the last time we had seen each other. We worked out it was a night of bowling just after Christmas, and he teaches in the primary school 10 minutes from our house! Must try harder and make more time for friends!

Phil said...

It would be a pleasure and delight for you to see me more often