Sunday, 26 April 2009

An interesting picture

On Sunday morning in the prayer meeting before our Church service I saw the following picture.

I saw a blank canvas, stretching as far as the eye could see in either direction. It was almost infinite.

We had just been singing "One day every tongue will confess you are God, one day every knee will bow" from the song "Come, now is the time to worship".

I could see that scene way in the distance on the canvas ahead of us.

But the focus was on the here and now, and instead of painting with brush strokes it was almost as thought he painter (God) was not brushing paint but placing people.

It really felt as though as a painter mixes paints to make the shade he wants, and then spreads them to make the scene he wants, God was bringing together and mixing together people here to make something wonderful.

The canvas seemed to be God's plan through history for the salvation of mankind, with future glory mapped out ahead and this was a glimpse of the here and now, for us, that each individual person was being shaped and moulded into the scene together.

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