Monday, 6 April 2009

Newfrontiers Younger Leaders Weekend

Esther and I have just been away for the Newfrontiers Younger Leaders weekend, followed by a week of holiday in sunny Worcestershire.

What fun it was to spend time with friends like Phil and Luke, and meet and make new friends like Dave. It was also great to meet Matt who has actually seen the famous Dave Bish in the flesh, which puts rumours he is actually the web face of a new IVP encyclopedia into touch.

The weekend was good. Worship, led by Matt Giles of Frontiers Church Exeter, was sensitive and open, with lots of spiritual gifts. Teaching by Dave Stroud and Jeremy Simpkins was mixed in with lots of free time to just chill, use the leisure facilities and make new friends.

Before the details, to come in future posts, I left the weekend feeling the following:

- I will know some of these people for a long, long time
- Some of these leaders will have wonderful breakthrough in their ministry
- I love being in a Church movement that values relationships, friednships, so highly
- I love being part of something bigger than the here and now, that gives me courage and confidence to give my all in the here and now
- The best leaders are humble leaders: which is why Jeremy and Dave serve where they do
- We really need to push forward in spiritual gifts in our public worship at Barnabas. Others are so much further ahead of us.