Monday, 4 May 2009

Before I am 40

Matt Hosier linked to a good article by John Maxwell for young leaders here which is based on this.

In it there is a little nugget of 10 things to do before you are 40.
1. Know yourself
2. Settle your family life
3. Determine your priorities
4. Develop your philosophy of life
5. Get physically fit
6. Learn your trade
7. Pay the price
8. Develop solid relationships
9. Prepare for the future
10. Find purpose for your life
Time for a bit of self analysis. I am aged 30, so have a decade to hit some targets, but why wait? I will start with the opening 5.

1. Know yourself
  • On the one hand I am extrovert, relational, a bridge builder, communicator, humorous, sensitive, outward looking, fun, relaxed. I am an ideas person, creative, thinker, problem-solver.
  • On the other hand I am sometimes a bit too outspoken, and need to ensure my humour is not allowed to go too far. Friendships need to be more than just having fun, and my sensitivity means I need to develop in my ability to confront and to challenge, as well as receive criticism. I don't mean fair words showing thing I could do better, but I mean the unfair criticism you get from people with an agenda.
2. Settle your family life
  • Married to a wonderful woman and building what we both want to be a strong and healthy marriage. Not at the kids stage yet so one step at a time.
3. Determine your priorities
  • Relationship with God, encounter with God
  • The kingdom of God expressed through the local Church
  • Sharing, giving, empowering. Justice, trade justice, green issues, depth of relationships, hospitality, having fun.
4. Develop your philosophy of life
  • Big question! Love Jesus, worship Him, preach Him, follow Him.
  • Still in incubation stage of how that translates to the rest of life.
5. Get physically fit
  • Five a side once a week, squash once a week, gym once or twice a week.
  • Got a weight target and on course to reach it by the summer.
  • Lowered my cholestrol: blood pressure etc all fine.

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PamBG said...

Before you are 50, certainly before you are 60....

...Learn deeply in your gut, in a real lived way that God is in control. Learn that it's great to dream and make plans, but that your own plans may not come to fruition because the course of your life is ultimately not in your control. Learn to see God's guidance and leading as an adventure and an opportunity. Unlearn the meaning of the word 'regret'. And don't get too settled; otherwise you won't be ready for the adventure.

My two penneth. :-D