Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Joy in my heart!

Yes, Shrewsbury have just qualified for the play offs!

Over 1300 salopians went down to Dagenham to watch a game where Shrewsbury had to beat them, in order to overtake them and grab the final play off berth.

Shrewsbury scored two good goals and then hung on for an hour (which felt more like 8 hours) to finally win 2-1 and clinch 7th place in league two.

Now we play Bury home and away for a trip to Wembley against either Rochdale or Gillingham.

We sold over 4000 tickets for our home game on the first day of sales, and have sold 1500 of the 2200 for the away leg in just a day and a half.

The prostar will be rocking on Thursday night, but I won't be there. I have already arranged to go and see the comedian Dave Spikey at Theatre Severn. I will however being going to the away match on Sunday.

Should we progress that far I will miss the final because of a friend's wedding.

How weird is that? I make the two away games but not the final or the home leg? Thank goodness Sky TV will fill in the blanks for me!

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