Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New Media Awards

This blog has been shortlisted by Premier Christian Radio for their New Media Awards within the "Most inspiring Leadership Blog" category.

I am chuffed with that.

Simply because if this blog is a blessing to people then it is doing what I set out to do.

Looking at the shortlist in my category I can see different Christians from around the country all using blogging to encourage others. In doing so we all make a small contribution.

It is interesting to see the different styles: some of us are blogging about preaching specifically, others, like this one, is more a diary entry/things going around in my head kind of effort.

Last year people like Dave Gilpin and Adrian Warnock were shortlisted, which kind of makes this blog look like a primary school kid scribbling on a scrap of paper, but there you go!

There is an awards ceremony in London for the top two in each section which sounds quite exciting.

Whatever happens moving forwards it has been a real encouragement.


Dan Rodger said...

Awesome, Congratulations! That makes at least 2 of us from New Frontiers.

Phil Whittall said...

Good stuff buddy, a well deserved recommendation.

Pauline said...

WOW! That is great news! Not surprised though! Incidentally,I listen to some Premier Christian Radio programmes.

Charles said...

congratulations Dave- the posts on miscarriage are worth a prize by themeselves but the blog as a whole is excellent