Saturday, 17 September 2011

Reading my blog

A lady came up to me on Sunday morning who has been living abroad.

I did not know her that well, but she seemed to know me!

It turns out she reads this blog, and has read it, pretty well all of it while being away.

And has recommended it to friends.

Yet again my series on miscarriage appears to have been a blessing, and has been shared with others.

I set out writing this blog in the hope of allowing people in our Sunday congregation of 300 or so to see inside my mind a little bit more and get an impression of who I really am.

I also wanted to chart my ups and downs in my journey in Church leadership for some of my peers who know me across the country.

And to blow away some of the misconceptions by being as open and down to earth as I possibly can.

It is a real priviledge when a real person with a real life comes up and says reading this blog was a real blessing to them.

The great danger of blogging is that either you are talking to yourself, or you are trying to stir up a debate to get readers.

Hopefully I do neither, but just for the record, why are you reading this post today?

I can see my blog statistics and can see almost everyone who reads it does not comment.

But on this post alone, please reply!


ShrewsburySi said...

As requested, a reply to your post! I read it because as a new Christian, I have no idea what goes through the mind of a Church Elder. I get a lot from it. I am part of the Barnabas congregation.

Pauline said...

Another reply, Dave! It is not only your Barnabas church "family" who are blessed by your blog. I know the posts about miscarriage were just so immensely helpful to so many people who have had to make that painful journey.
I was also prompted to buy Rob Bell's book after reading your reflections about it!I wonder if anyone eslse did? In fact- the title could serve as an overall impression we get by reading so many of your blogs- "Love wins."

Andy said...

I value your blog as a way of finding out what's going on back at Barnabas, and mostly what I read is really exciting. :)

Wandering Star said...

I was that woman!
I haven't looked at your blog since we've been back in the country.
So reading three together was a bit like watching an omnibus edition of ones favourite programme. ( never sure whether to use 'ones' or 'your')
I wanted to thank you for explaining the gorgeous outburst of heavenly praise, on Sunday, at the early Harvest service. Personally, the sound of praise to our Father through singing in tongues, transports me to ... to, quoting a young Christian South African writer.. to.... 'a home I have yet to see'.
To be a part of those moments.... Amazing.
Therefore reading that your meeting was so transported, well ... I feel really privileged to be a part of a church that our Father is blessing, and some!
And I pray that the infectious enthusiasm and hope that the churches in the area have caught, will create heart felt desires to get to know our Saviour God.
Keep up the Go(o)d work.

Blue, with a hint of amber said...

Thanks all so far! Especially Wandering Star, not least for proving I was not making it up!