Friday, 23 September 2011


God has been really speaking powerfully to our Church recently and opening up a new vision for the future.

Last night was our "Church Together" meeting, where we gather to worship and pray.

You know God is doing something exciting when you are not far off 150 adults for a Church prayer meeting.

There are ten key areas we are looking to develop in. These were displayed right the way around our main hall for people to go and choose which to pray for.

The results of where people went were fascinating!

1) By far the biggest contingent went to "Spirit level": that we would experience a greater empowerment of the Holy Spirit for all the things God is laying before us and that our worship would be in His presence.

2) Next up Social Action gathered many people praying for the Church expressing the love of God to the hurt and vulnerable locally and nationally.

3) Third in terms of number were people seeking God for healings and miracles: that the gospel be proven through signs and wonders.

All the other stuff is really important too! And many people moved around and everything was thoroughly prayed for! It was so humbling to see people kneeling and quietly praying, or standing and shouting out, whatever, however, calling on God for the future of the Church and ultimately for the glory of Christ; that the Gospel goes forth and people come to Him, become disciples and join His bride.

It was interesting in the three areas mentioned that above all else the desire was for more of God in our hearts and lives, to see more of God demonstrated in power, and express more of God to a hurting world.

That is my kind of Church.

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Pauline said...

When I read about the worship, the first words that came into my mind were, "The Lord shall inhabit the Praises of His People!" I didn't know why the words came into my head, so I set about looking them up. I found it is actually closest to Psalm 22:3 which, in the KJV says, "But thou art Holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel." But I am not the only person who has misquoted this verse, apparently- the misquote is is quite common!
That makes me think YES- "His People" after Jesus came, extended far beyond Israel- and YOU are His people. WE are His people. It is true that we do sometimes experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in heartfelt Praise and Worship- so you are right to make Praise and Worship a priority in seeking the leadings of the Holy Spirit!
And, incidentally, do we sometimes receive a "word" that is close to a Bible verse- but somehow applicable to the present day; and seems like a promise. "The Lord SHALL inhabit the praises of His people?"