Friday, 31 October 2008

Freedom in Christ

I did the "Steps to Freedom in Christ" day on Saturday as a guest of another local Church, as we launch the course here on Sunday.

I have got to say, it was a very special day.

What I liked about it was the clarity of "taking hold of the truth" for yourself.

This was not going to see the particular "guru" counsellor or minister who could pray hard enough for you to be free.

This was about discipleship. About choosing to believe. About laying down falsehood or pain and picking up truth and holding on to it.

In short, it was far better than I thought it would be. I am always wary of pre-packaged models but this seemed very personal.

Amongst the lists of things to consider praying about each section started with a prayer. "Lord, show me what I should pray about. Bring to my mind what I need to deal with". I was simply amazed at the things that came to mind. Past experiences, hurts, concerns, relationships, even dreams and nightmares as a child.

No-one asked me anything. No-one hinted at anything. I just prayed, and then dealt with what came to mind.

I loved the emphasis on taking hold of the truth. Too often the Church at large has given the impression that you need specialists in every area of counselling or healing to have a chance at "getting" healing. What I liked about this day was that we each have a specialist, our Father in Heaven, and we do have access to Him, on a daily basis, or in my case, in a strange kind of way, especially on Saturday.


Kevin Gill said...

Excellent. I have found the material really helpful and continue to use it. Every time I take someone through the steps I see good things happening.

Gareth Le Long-McKean said...

I've found the Freedom in Christ course extremely helpful. Really good stuff. Nothing beats letting the Word of God shape your life.