Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Zippy's month birthday!

God graciously provided me with a moped to use to get to work.

Yesterday marked a month of using "Zippy" to and from work, and so here is my first month report.

1) I have had to fill the tank with petrol twice. Costing a total of £11. I am currently averaging something like 130 mpg!

2) I can park up right outside the new football stadium without having to pay!

3) I have been able to make several pastoral visits quickly and easily.

4) Early morning prayer meetings now involve very very cold journeys!

5) Waterproof trousers are a must buy!

6) Motorcycle helmets and glasses are a lethal combination.

7) Freedom of transport is an amazing thing. You don't appreciate it until you lose it. You forget how much it means until you have it back.

8) Nobody respects a fully grown man on a 49cc scooter (except maybe a 15 year old who live in the countryside). Don't buy one for the image rights.

9) Cars will genuinely overtake you on a 30mph road despite the fact you are travelling at 30mph. It MUST be psychological!

10) Every time I start up Zippy I remember how God has provided for me. It is amazing how quickly we become used to His provision - keeping focus on thanks changes how we view the world.


Jongudmund said...

I'm guessing the waterproof trousers will be on your Christmas list then?

Blue, with a hint of amber said...

No mate - I bought some after a few days!

Once bitten (or soaked), twice shy and all that jazz.