Monday, 13 October 2008

Weekend wonders

The weekend - the last bastion of relaxation in modern life!

Hmm - not really!

Friday night - Youth Alpha. I spoke on "How can I trust the bible" to about 65 teenagers. Apparently the groups went really well afterwards. I posed the question "If you received a text message from God what would you want it it say?" I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for the discussions!

Saturday started with some sermon preparation for Sunday, and then off to wacth Shrewsbury surrender their home record to a Port Vale side who managed 6 yellow cards and a red card in one game, and won it with a horrendous goal 6 minutes into injury time which came about after a challenge on our goalkeeper that left him requiring hospital treatment and 15 stiches in 3 different wounds to his face!

Then in the evening we had the "Big Barnabas Bash" to celebrate 25 years of the Church, which was a fabulous collection of music & comedy sketches. I love the richness and vitality of the creativity within a multi generational Church. I hosted the evening, did a drama, ended up coming second in a Jelly eating contest and then fitting a rubber kitchen glove on my head to do a chicken impression. I am not overly sure if that counts as contractual obligations for the role of elder but it sure was fun. Far too many church leaders take themselves far too seriously. I will post the video of my chicken impression on here to prove that I do not!

25 years eh? We are beoming a little long in the tooth for a so-called "new" church.

Then on Sunday morning I spoke on the ethiopian official during our baptism service, with two young women baptised. One was one of our youth and the other is in her early 20s and came to faith on the Alpha Course last year. I love the faith of the Ethiopian. "Why shouldn't I be baptised here". Good question - crack on, and step forward in faith. I love it when there are lots of guests and family there. There were all sorts here on Sunday, including a high profile local former football hooligan who I chatted to for a good ten minutes after the service.

Sunday afternoon was lunch with some fantastic friends from Church. A mature couple who are a constant source of encouragement to many of the younger people. The kind of people worth twice their body weight in gold, because they don't use their wisdom and experience to control but to release and to bless.

Then I was hoping to go to a "Mission Shrewsbury" united service in the evening, but to be honest, the flesh was weak and the spirit was not even very willing! So I made my apologies so that Esther and I could chill out in front of the X-Factor repeat of what we had missed on Saturday.

All in all it was a cracking weekend, but it was great to come to work again this morning for a rest!

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