Monday, 6 October 2008

Gathering Leaders

On Saturday we gathered the general leadership team of the Church for a time of worship, prayer, and discussion of the key challenges facing our Church as we seek to develop and reach more people.

We are happy where we are, but we are getting too full, with Sunday attendances averaging over 300 in a hall that can only realistically take 350 comfortably, even though one Sunday this year we had 417 at a baptism service!

So the question is: how can we change things to allow more room for more people?

The discussion was wide ranging and covered lots ideas, but especially the potential to develop a second sunday service which would create space to add new people to.

Lots of questions were posed - morning, afternoon or evening?

Aimed at families? Older people? Young adults? Everyone?

There were lots of ideas, and lots of potential to develop, but what really impressed me above all other things was the attitude of our leadership team:

1) Standing still and looking after what we have is not an option
2) We want to reach new people with the gospel
3) We realise that there is a cost to this and yet we are still up for it

I left the meeting knowing we really have to hear from God about the future, but absolutely convinced that together we can achieve something for Him.

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planty said...

What a problem to have!!

"getting too full"

I am sure through prayer that you will find the right solution.