Wednesday, 19 November 2008

BNP Membership list stolen...

Someone has published the British National Party membership list and published it on the internet.

The full story is here.

As the various blogs go into overload debating this issue, most are rightly pointing out how terrible it is that personal details have been leaked like this. That is correct. Whoever has done it will be in considerable trouble.

But what troubled me specifically, is the revelation that five vicars (or retired vicars) are party members. These may not be the only church leaders on the list, but they are the most obvious.

That means five people in leadership positions in the UK are members of a party whose policies nestle in a right wing totalitarian timewarp.

That is the real shame of this news story. So much for caring for the alien amongst us. So much for visiting the captives in prison. So much for love.

Many of the people whose names have been published will be concerned about the response. This story has a way to run.

I also wonder what surprises would be thrown up by a list of other organisations such as the freemasons being made public?


Phil said...

Someone else thinks the same

Anonymous said...

I can't stand BNP and its beliefs but as more and more people find their views acceptable particularly in poorer communities, the church has got to find ways of loving them and reaching out. My concern is if many members of the BNP are sacked from their jobs because of their views breaching equal opportunities policys, isn't it a fine line till Christians get sacked. Non christians often do not understand how I hold my beliefs as a Christian and can still love and care for people whatever there lifestyles. I especially was challenged and people made judgements about me when working for social services. i was told it was incompatible to work for SS and be a christian.

Anonymous said...

freemasons who are councillors have to publish their membership on the register of interests which is publically available.That I Know of, no one is interested in this information or challenges there membership. It is very difficult to trace the effect their membership has, but I am sure it gives them and other Freemasons an advantage.