Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Christmas is coming!

We have just released our publicity for our Christmas programme.

Here is the quick version!
14th Morning: Family service
21st Morning: Sunday service
21st Evening: Carol Service
25th Morning: Christmas service
28th Morning: Sunday service with baptisms

Then we come onto publicity. This is the situation so far:

2500 "Belle Vue" (the area we are in) Christmas cards delivered through local doors. This includes all Christmas services of the local christian churches in this area, us, Anglican, United Reformed, Methodist, Apostolic and Salvation Army.

Then we have produced 2500 of our own postcards, double sided
The Front:

The Back:

A few years ago a lady who worked for Riverside Press in Market Drayton, Shropshire dropped by with a selection of their products. £68 delivered for 2500 postcards has revolutionised the way we do our publicity. Their website is www.djflyers.co.uk and I cannot recommend them enough. Tell them Dave at Barnabas sent you.

So that means our church congregations the last two sundays have been given flyers. We will give them to our Kidz Klub and Barneytots families. Cell groups have taken them to deliver through doors near to where they meet. Our centre hosts Christmas lunches for several local sheltered housing places and non profit groups and they will have invites at the tables.

We are giving them out like confetti: the shot gun approach. The aim is simple: each person looks at the card and knows we exist. If that is it I am happy. if it causes a conversation then all well and good. If they come, brilliant! One lady in our Church took a handful of Alpha Course postcards earlier this year and put them through her local letterboxes. The evening came and a lady arrived a bit late. "Hi, who has invited you": "oh, I had your invitation through my door". She now regularly attends on Sundays. Now that is worth the £68 on its its own.

At each an every one of the five services over Christmas every person will be given an Alpha Course flyer. There is no better opportunity for witness in our culture than Christmas, and we have already started praying for all these initiatives.

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Peter Kirk said...

We do our full colour Christmas leaflets in house on our colour photocopier, which doesn't all that much more to lease than a b/w one. I think we rent from Infotec.